Monday, January 10, 2011

Orange pickin'/Cute Kids :)

Hello all,
I hope and pray that you are all having a happy new year!
I am so sorry I've neglected my blog ! :(
But here is a you know I'm still here!
This Saturday we started selling oranges again, ( they are officially in season)
And I had the pleasure of having 3 adorable little girls help me pick, and tote 2 bins full of oranges to the kiddos selling at the end of the road!
They where such faithful helpers!

Oh by the way...HI KELSEY! :)

Gabby and Emma B. posing for a picture, and Gracia....looking at something! ;)

 Whatever caught Gracia's attention, has also caught Emma's!

 Gabby, (ever faithful) smiles for every picture!

This is the cutest bunch of helpers a girl could ask for!

 After some picking the younger kiddos played in the sand... And I supervised (and took pictures) :P

 Gabby smiles (once again) for a picture...(Emma in the background, creates a masterpiece!)

 Is that not ADORABLE?!?  She's so cute! ( Violet B.)

Okay, here's us toward the end of the day selling oranges...Jay, My Grandma and I.
( Mariah is taking the picture).


  1. Hey! I'm ur first comment!!!

    Those ARE some really cute kids! :D

  2. Hi Alyssa! {was that meant to be for me? *grins*}
    So it's orange picking season eh? I love the juice made from those oranges, sooo good!
    Have a wonderful week, and so Howdy to your family for me. ~Kelsey

  3. How fun!!!
    We(all of us Ants) wanna come over one day and eat-I mean pick Oranges!

    It was SO fun to see ya at the ball!

  4. OH, that looks like so much fun! Spending time with sweet little ones is always enjoyable too!