Friday, March 11, 2011

Guess what!...

I got braces!
Although I am rather late in posting about it. :(
The "Big-Day" was on Valentines...So naturally, I got pink as my first color.
The First week was....Shall I say...PAINFULL!
On several occasions I'd bite down to hard, and then I'd yelp,
And laugh rather than cry because I made such an awkward noise! lol
 The pain wasn't too hard to bear, due to the smoothies, frostys, frappes, chili and soup...Some of my favorite foods/treats :) 
All in all, I'd say braces are alot of fun!
Next, up and coming is the oral surgery!
I went for a consultation today...Momma made it something of a date!
We went to Subway and then a little later momma got a frappe for her and I... Oh pleasure!
I am a little apprehensive about the surgery...due to the fact that they are having to put me on some sort of stuff that makes me sleepy, and the IV. Oy!
Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Well anywho,

Here's A picture of my "new look":


  1. You are so cute Alyssa!! And having braces is definitely a "interesting" journey :) lol, have fun with it :) Miss you girlie!!!
    God bless!!

  2. Miss Alyssa Rose,

    I had braces for about a year and a half, and am so happy with the outcome! Stay encouraged through the process, and think of how wonderful your teeth will look at the finish line! :)
    I will pray that your surgery goes well... I am sure you will do great!

    Many Blessings,

  3. How exciting! I got my braces on last year, and I am finishing up my last month. They are a little painful at first, but over time you realize what a blessing it is to have straight teeth! The picture is lovely, and I will keep you in my prayers.



  4. You are so lovely M'dear:)
    I love you so! I remember the pain, lol! It will get better if that's any consolation. Give the fam our love!
    ~Rachel and Joe

  5. you look really different with them on:)~Ansley

  6. Thank you all for your sweet comments!

  7. Hello alyssy,

    Wus' up sista?

    Honestly ,not like me, i think you look so cute in ye braces!

    I do wish we could of had them on at the same time though, i would have loved to match all the seasons with you and such:( but, i am glad to be had rid of them:)

    We all have been talking of how much we miss ya'll! :)
    We truly need to plan somethin'...alright?
    Spread the word..OKay? ok.

    Tell all the familia 'ello! From the Roberts.

    Love ya,