Monday, April 16, 2012


The sound of  Spanish music is  playing in the background,
I smell the aroma of cooking tortillas, Lime rice, as well as pinto beans and Home-made salsa!
I'm feeling very ethnic, LOL  So, our goal for this evenings supper, is to imitate chipotle as best we can!
Why? We'll you see,  Nick has ( for a long while now) had a great desire to go to Chipotle, so Momma and I having been there before, found some recipes online...and we're -Mariah Included- going to bring chipotle to Big Brother ! ;P

Because today is a special day!!

 Today is Nicks 19th Birthday!!


The Lord has blessed me greatly with 3 older brothers, and 2 younger, future leaders of the next generation.

 Nick is the closet sibling to my own's so much fun to reminisce of when we where alot younger and all the fun things us kids did together! Memories like:  playing on the same soccer team when we where 4 and 5. Watching him play baseball ( I will never forget those days!) and His first car he that payed for mowing grass :) Not to mention Mariah, him and I, all getting Baptized together.
And Now, one of my favorite things to do with him, is ride around in his truck :)

Here's Nick with his first Gator!!

And now, having said that I'd like to also say another Happy Birthday to... None other then my little brother JAY!  Whose birthday was yesterday, and he turned a whopping 14! ( for some strange reason I keep thinking it's 15...could it be because he is now taller then me? ;) 


Jay has grown up soo much in the last year, it's amazing! He's such a sweetie and is one of those people who do things rather random, and when you think about them you can't help but go "AWWWE!"

I am so blessed!

God bless y'all!


  1. Happy Birthday Nick and Jay-Jay!
    Hope it was blessed.

    Ben and Sarah.

    P.S. It was so much fun to see y'all at the
    Conf in SC!

  2. Happy birthday (again) to both of them! But really, Alyssa? 15??? You're killing me!!! :P
    Love you all!

  3. Happy biirthday to both of your brothers... they must be such wonderful blessings to you! {All siblings are such precious gifts!}

    In Christ,