Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ciao! A hello to you all! How are you all? I hope well.
Me? Busy, busy, busy! So busy that I rarely have time to post! :-)

Where to begin?!?

Well, I am another year older ( 18 to be exact :p) 
Ah. Our Lord is good! I have learned much in the past year,  more and more of His great Love and mercy! ( of which I still learn more as the days go by)  Contentment,  trusting my heavenly Father as well as my earthly father in everything! ( the feeling of security it brings is hmmm....I cant find the right word,  but you get the idea!!! :-) 

Musically, the Lord has opened many doors for me.
I have the great blessing of teaching at home now,  and  a handful of young students to go along.
( have I ever mentioned how I love little ones?!?)
Over the summer I had an awesome opportunity to learn a piano technique that I have longed to learn! ( Hymn Improv.)

Speaking of Longings...

Mariah and I have finally started the garden that we have wanted to plant since,....well lets just say a very long time :-)
We tried a  technique called "Lasagna Gardening "
It was a lot of fun prepping...and deciding what to plant :-)
We'll hopefully be eating a lot of lettuce, green beans, sugar snap peas,  cucumbers, okra, peppers, carrots, broccoli, onions and herbs this year! LOL
We are having an absolute blast watching them sprout up...just today we had around 31!!! ( we are ecstatic!) ;)

Hopefully I will be able to blog more.
Mariah and I are working on a Fall blog party. :-)
 Also, there is a blog award I am working on...so  stay tuned!

Well my bed calls me to slumber, so goodnight dear friends,  God bless you all!

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  1. This Fall season has us all busy! Glad to hear that you are delighting in the Lord and that He has filled your life with many blessings... ;)

    In Christ,