Friday, May 13, 2011


Bon-journo Mia Ciamo,
How are all my Cara blog readers?... :]
I am family and I just got back from Jacksonville,Why where we in Jacksonville you may wonder? Well I'll tell ya'...Mine and Mariahs first Music competition!
I played Piano and Mariah was there to sing.
I was amazed,impressed,astonished at the musical talents (or devotion) that those kids possessed!
Little kids playing the violin like I've never seen before!!!!! EVER! 
They would draw you in, the music was so amazing, and their fingers would just fly!
And the Piano Concertos! They made me cry... Literally...So amazing!
I am really excited about going back next year.
I learned so much by just listening....I also learned a lot about personal character. :)
"It dosen't matter if you win or loose, It's how you play the game that counts"
Music is such a blessing to my life.
Thank you to all my dear Friends who where praying for Mariah and I! 
Luv' Ya'll!
I have the greatest Daddy in the whole world! :)
To add to all the fun...I got a New dress and shoes! :)
It was my first time wearing heels...all I have to say is...OUCH!
Don't ever -on your first occasion wearing heels- spend a whole day walking around...
Running from place to place...Just saying. : P


I went to the Ortho yesterday afternoon, New colors, can you guess what color I got?
No headgear yet...I thought I was going to get it this visit....but I didn't.
Mamma says that I'm  probably the only girl in the world, excited about getting head-gear. LOL
Naw, I'm sure there is some other girl out in the world right now, waiting, and excited! :D


This afternoon, I cleaned out my sisters closet... I never knew girls could have so much clothes! Good Grief!:)
I love little girls dresses! ...I love having littles sisters, to put in cute, frilly dresses!...So much fun!

And speaking of little sisters...
Gabby,Gracia and Frank-after going to the competetion- Really want to play piano.
I have been meaning to teach them for a while, and have given Gracia and Frank a few lessons.
But, Last night Gabby asked me to teach her a few things, so I started!
What fun! Gab's is such an ideal student!
She does everything with perfection!
Right down to posture and round fingers!
She even was requesting to use the metronome!!!!
I wuv hers!
And all day today she has been practicing on and off!
And Frank...My wittle "pooch" who was unable to have a "lesson" last night, came in my room early this morning, and said -with a raspy morning voice-"Sissy,Sis, Come-on...Remember, It's time for piano."
*Sigh* Who dosn't love an enthusiastic musician?!?


Frankie just walked by, ...Dressed in Jeans, Boots, and a shirt that say's "Cowboy" and on top...a cowboy hat.
Oh yeah, he's my lil' cowboy!
Brothers are so much fun.
Okie dokie, Mariah requests to use the computer...I shall oblige her!
I hope you ...My sister just scared me by tying a plastic bug to a piece of string an dangling it above my head...Where was I?
Oh yes, I hope you enjoyed reading my randomness!
Have a blessed evening!
Arrivi Derci,


  1. Cuteness!!! I hope we can see y'all soon!!

  2. yay! I'm so glad u all had such a good time! (But I confess that I'm happier that u r BACK!!!)

    Awesome about Gabby, Gracia, and Frankie wanting to learn piano... good practice 4 u... what an encouragement... hope it all goes swimmingly :)

    Anyway... miss u bunches and bunches!!!!!!!!!!

    Love u!

  3. Hey Brittanu,
    Thanks for the commento, Yeah, I hope we can se ya'll soon too!

    HEy Amy,
    Miss ya too! Awwe.. feel so loved!


  4. Cute post Alyssa!

    Guess what color I'm gunna get? ;)

    Love you girls!
    Can't wait to talk to ya!
    See you soon!


  5. Hey Lyssa!
    You told me to comment, um, so, do you like my comment? I just posted those crazy pictures of Lauren I was telling you about.
    Now I'm telling you, LEAVE A COMMENT!!!! IS THAT CLEAR???
    Love ya!
    Kelsey- I mean- Kushy Mushy :)

  6. I love reading about what's been on your heart Alyssa. The Lord has great plans for you. You are very dear to me!

  7. Alyssa, I just loved reading this post!!! It felt like I was sitting beside you. :) I miss all my precious C.'s so super much!

    I can just see Frankie that early in the morning. :D Way to go for Gabs and the piano!

    God's richest blessings on you, dearest friend!!