Saturday, February 4, 2012


They're my best friends!
I often find myself getting attached to old book characters...and I think about someday meeting them in heaven, and then I realize (with a sad heart) that their not real!  Has that ever happened to any of ya'll?

There are so may books that I have been blessed by, so many characters that I have learned from!
What and amazing God given gift writers have...

Lately I have had a craving for a really good book!
Those inspiring, adventurous, mysterious, and epic dramas of bygone eras, or the sweet stories of a woman of virtue!

Here are a few of my favorites ( Besides the Bible of course ;) :

I remember the day my parents bought the Elsie series for my sisters and I...
I have basically grown up with these books and I love them!
Of course, there are likes and dislikes of the series...but they have really blessed me :)

Ahh! I love this book!
I rarely read a book twice- but this one, well lets just say gonna have to read it again (for the third time)!

Everyone I know who has read this book LOVES it!!!
From the first chapter I was hooked.
 I read this on a road trip and fought sleep so I could read on!!

I'm really big on adventure/mysteries...this is one of those! :)
It's a book you can't put down!

This is such a sweet story, I'll never forget the (late) night I finished it!
I popped up in my bed and let out several big AWWWE's, and had to tell someone how sweet it was...
Poor Mariah, I thought she was still awake!

This is one of the sweetest, happy stories I have ever read...I just about cried at the end.... :)

And Now, for a few book wormie quotes: 

This made me chuckle...It's true!

Uh huh...

YES YES YES!!! This has happened to me!


There are soo many more that I love...but that would be a lot of I shall just leave you with those few.

I would love to hear of my blog readers favorites...

Yours truly,



  1. All those are such sweet books... such adear companions. I have delighted in reading a few of them already, and long to read the rest!


  2. Oh wow.... yeah that's totally true about the series that it leaves a hole in your heart ;-) I once read the Mandie books- there are 40 books in the series (YES 40!!!) and I had been reading them over the course of a few years... I guess there wasn't too big of a hole though because I knew that there was going to be a follow-up series ;-)

    And yes, the deaths of the characters... One particular series I just was so upset that one of the characters died it just about ruined my life for a few days... I know, dramatically pathetic, huh?

    Love you, girl!

  3. Shannon, Thanks for the comment, I have a letter for you...waiting for a stamp :)

    The death of characters- I was soo upset about the death of one of my favorite characters in a sequel...That I didn't read it!!!! (I read ahead) ;P
    So, aren't to "dramatically Pathetic" in my eyes ;)